Grass Valley Turbo Woes

The T2 iDDR from Grass Valley is a fantastic device for playback on show site, however it's a giant pain for video editors. First of all, you have to make sure your onsite techs get copies of the original video files from the client BEFORE they get ingested into the Turbo. If those copies aren't held on to, the files get mangled into some ridiculous codec inside the machine and are nearly impossible to get back out in a reusable fashion.

The Turbo should also never be used as a recording device. Ever. Pulling files off of this thing is more trouble than anything. If there's a simple way that I've not found, then I'd love to know, but we've stopped the circus of trying to convert and export recordings from the Turbo, or trying to use the included Edius software... we've gotten to where we just put a Canopus ADVC 700 on the DVI/Component output and just re-capture the footage in real time into Final Cut. You can't do HD through the canopus, but oh well. Standard def is better than no def.

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